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What is ADAScan?


ADAScan is a free cloud service that analyzes web pages under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The service provides webmasters with recommendations on how to optimize web pages for greater accessibility for people with disabilities as well as how to reduce legal risk under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Why was ADAScan developed?

I believe in the use of technology for equality. I am passionate about making the web more accessible to people with disabilities.

Read more about why I started the ADAScan cloud service here.

You will notice at the bottom of or side of the screen a button that helps to make this website accessible. The technology behind the button uses machine learning, the cloud, and one line of code dropped on to a site to bring a website toward better WCAG/ADA compliance. The installation of the accessibility technology takes seconds. The line of code does not impact the site appearance. However it does provide for a button to pop up accessibility tools for site visitors who need it. The AI - machine learning is powerful - for example, it scans images and places alt tags on the fly.


If you need a quick and robust way to improve your site's WCAG/ADA compliance and support our free web accessibility scan please click below:

Free trial to use one line of code to help remedy website WCAG/ADA Compliance!

Marc Rothken






The number of countries that web visitors came from to use ADAScan

1 Million+


The number of scans performed by our open source accessibility engine

1 Billion+


The number of people worldwide with a disability

Sampling of Technologies & Resources Used

axe open source

axe Open Source Accessibility Engine

Mozilla Open Source License

Mozilla Open Source License

Puppeteer Chrome

Google Puppeteer Chrome Technology

ADA Celebrate Banner

Americans with Disabilities Act "ADA" 28th Anniversary Banner

Google Puppeteer

Google Puppeteer

Chrome with Node.js

Chrome with Node.js

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