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About: Why We Built ADAScan 

We found a large number of websites designed in a manner that made it very difficult for people with disabilities to navigate and use. 

This prompted us to learn more about web accessibility standards and that's when we found the Americans with Disability Act (or "ADA") and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (or "WCAG") for website coding and design. We came across some helpful online services that could scan web pages for accessibility issues, but they usually charged a fee for repeat or commercial access. We wanted to build a tool that could provide a quick and free "ADA" web page scan and deliver results in an easy to understand manner so webmasters could take action.

With the assistance of Mozilla's open source accessibility framework, axe-core, and Google Puppeteer technology, as well as a team of experienced lawyers and fellow web developers LawRobot working with our tech incubator MashLaunch Inc., we helped to create a free cloud service to test web pages for accessibility.

We call this free cloud service ADAScan. This service is in "beta" meaning that we are still in development and expect some bugs. The ADAScan results provide an "initial review" and will become more comprehensive over time. Please keep in mind that it is rare that websites will pass all the algorithmic tests on ADAScan - red flags on our scan do not necessarily mean that such websites are accessibility unfriendly. 


We hope this service will lead to a greater number of websites becoming more accessible to people with disabilities as not only does it make good business sense, but it’s the right thing to do to ensure everyone can be connected.


Please click on the link below to get a free trial on an AI - machine learning powered technology to help remedy your website's accessibility, and in doing so, help support our free web accessibility scans. The installation is one line of code and takes a few minutes. The result will be an accessibility button like the one used on this site. To view the accessibility functionality for yourself please click on the button.

Free trial to use one line of code to help remedy website WCAG/ADA Compliance!

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